1. sarbakaf

    American Media Making Fun of Islamic Values, Sects and Beliefs-Marvi promoting their liberal views

    Watch the clip and decide your self.
  2. moazzamniaz

    Intelligence agencies identify Punjab madarassahs promoting terrorism

    Intelligence report: Punjab seminaries fanning radicalism identified By Asad Kharal Published: August 3, 2011 3,270 students from tribal areas enlisted at 209 seminaries in the province. PHOTO: AFP LAHORE: An intelligence agency report also...
  3. A

    Express Tribune promoting Indian Conspiracies against Pakistan Armed Forces

    The 5th Columnist Express Tribune is constantly carrying the dirty propaganda to malign the Armed forces of Pakistan. For that, they are going to such a shameless extent that they are happily proving their press to be dumb and deficient in intellect. Recently the traitor Express Tribune has...