1. Jack Sparrow

    Need Member's Help - is destroying my professional life

    Honorable Members advise me, how to get rid of, is destroying my professional life:(. I cannot concentrate on my work.:17: Please share your personal experiences and how you solved this problem if you had.:please:
  2. canadian

    If you want to start a business in Canada, you need a professional business plan !!!

    Celeste Lozano and Adrian Rudzikas, founders of Business Plans Canada. Anatomy of a business plan in 10 parts 1. Executive summary: key points about your business and goals 2. Business overview: your business history, value, vision and mission, location and facilities 3. Products and...
  3. Psycho

    Pride Of Pakistan!

    Arfa Karim,11 .Net developer Baber Iqbal ,12.He is.... Microsoft Certified Professional Web Professional Associate Wireless Network Administrator MS Certified Technology Specialist Mohammand Waqar Qurashi ,20.He invented... 1... Non-touch interface system / alternate of Mouse...

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