1. P

    STRICTLY Private video of PTI London Dream Team.

  2. sarmad

    Wikileaks: The chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state sent an empty private jet to get a pair

    Wikileaks: India's Mayawati 'sent jet to collect shoes'The chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state sent an empty private jet to get a pair of sandals from Mumbai, leaked US diplomatic cables say Ms Mayawati, an icon to millions of low-caste Dalits, rules over India's most populous state...
  3. L

    Pakistan's private security sector booms

    Ordinary citizens join the ranks of those paying for protection in violence-wracked country. Pakistan's private security industry is thriving and is estimated to be worth more than half a billion dollars a year. The steady increase is largely due to the lack of government action, countless...
  4. M

    SAFMA Sues Zaid Hamid and a private TV channel

  5. Night_Hawk

    Manzoor Wasan's Private secretary a proclaimed offender of Punjab Police
  6. ealtaf

    The Federal Reserve ADMITS that Its 12 Banks Are PRIVATE Not Government Entities

    July 26, 2011 ( Much of the tens of trillions in bailout money and easy money from quantitative easing went to foreign banks (and see this, this and this). Indeed, Ron Paul noted recently that one-third of all fed bailout loans and essentially 100% of loans from the New York Fed...
  7. jhootaylog

    Phone-hacking: President Zardaris private data also targeted

    LONDON: When private investigators, at the behest of a newspaper owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, covertly obtained personal data of individuals, they didnt skip out on President Asif Ali Zardari, reported the Press Trust of India. President Zardaris credit card statement was obtained...
  8. ealtaf

    Zardari Tenu Chukay Mola - Spent 500,000/- of this poor nation on Recent visit to London
  9. Fursan

    Pakistan will continue busting private CIA rings, ISI to tell US

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistans top spy chief is purportedly going to give the following message to his American counterpart in Washington: yes to formalised anti-terror cooperation, no to private CIA network. Chief of Pakistans premier spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt-Gen Ahmed...
  10. D

    Role of private media on karachi situation

    I am so astonished by the fact that our media is only showing hardships born by Urdu speaking community in karachi in last few days. All the channels are projecting programs in such a way as to prove that only mqm and its supporters are being targeted. However the facts are otherwise. Actually...
  11. S

    Private channels were openly shooting Sensitive Areas in PNS Mehran - Hr shakh pe ullu baitha he

    Is mulk me kitney rehman malik hain????????????
  12. crankthskunk

    Private messages from terex

    This Indian Terex started to send private Messages to me, despite my warnings to discuss it on the main discussion area he is continuing to send his messages. I am posting his messages and my responses for everyone to read. I will respond to his last message on the board. My first...
  13. M

    Political parties or private companies?

    OUR mainstream political parties are like private limited companies which are owned by families. The party chief can fire any member of the party who he thinks is not following his orders. If one wants to thrive in a political party, he must prove his loyalty to his boss by becoming his...
  14. hans

    Mercenary / Private Military Companies (PMCs)

    The term mercenary is applied to a variety of historical situations which do not appear to have elements in common. Casca, the eternal mercenary, pulled the duty of nailing Christ to the Cross and was doomed to spend eternity as a soldier, a career that can lead to billets like sitting on...
  15. Geek

    Whats media up to? Is it also Media's responsibility to interfere in someone's private life?

    I am not saying that this couple was doing a right thing, but my concern is it is not media job to show someone private life to the whole world.