1. K

    "CM Shehbaz Sharif you are not even eligible to get the job of an Educator" Punjab Police Constable

  2. P

    PTI Manifesto - The New Dimension in Politics (Urdu) Must Watch and Comment

    Please watch this video and comment below. I mean guys what do think?
  3. iSupportPTI

    PTI Leader: Naz Baloch Exclusive Interview

    Naz Baloch is one of the many professionals who stood up for Pakistan and joined PTI to bring a change in the country. She is a spokesperson of PTI, a member of media advisory committee to Chairman Imran Khan, and President Women Insaf Sindh Yakjahty. Naz Baloch without a doubt is one of the...
  4. lafatah

    Politcal policies that will take us out of this crisis

    I will not talk about which political party will fix our problems, but i would like to hear what policies will improve our conditions. Before talking solutions i would like to highlight our problems in an order of importance 1) Security - Both terrorism and crime 2) Power 3) Education 4)...
  5. A

    What is important currunt issues and current policies or history ??

    Dear friends ... ... Aap ki nazar main kia important hay current issues and policies ya phir guzre howe din maheene ya saal ????? Kia koi kafir ager muslim ho jaye ya koi be namazi koi namaz shoro kar de aur bure amal choor de to hame kaise pukarain ge kafir ya muslim .. Namazi ya be namazi...
  6. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 7th July 2011 - Air Marshal Shahid Latif - Need to Change Defence & Foriegn Policies

  7. mohib

    Balochistan: Declining Insurgency, Afghan & Indian Invovlment, Worst Policies of Musharraf and Solut

    Start Time 04:50
  8. A

    Imran and pti should explain there policies??

    People know Imran Khan but they hardly know about his plans on national issues. Pakistan wants to see Imrans economic plan and the team that will run countrys economy. Pakistan is following a capitalism based economic system that is linked to the dollar based financial system which fuels...
  9. News Watch

    News Watch - 17th March 2011 - Acquittal of Raymond Davis, Drone Attacks, Economic Policies of Gover