1. JamaliAhsan

    Parliamentarians wants to change the definition of " SAADIQ & AMEEN" Dr. Danish

    Dr Danish got angry on parliamentarians when they want to change the definition article 62 & 63 890090516225941504 890113431935889409 Dr.Danish appeals Imran Khan and Siraj-ul-Haq “Do not accept any amendment in Article 62 & 63” "Jo bhi siasi jamatein insaf ki baat kerti hain aur aam admi ki...
  2. Mysticreed

    Afghan Parlimanterian Huma Sultani claims Mullah Omar had been residing in her home.

    Mullah Omer in Afghanistan Afghan parliamentarian Huma Sultani said Tailban’s chief Mullah Omar is in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the Afghan’s National Directorate of Security has claimed that Mullah Omar was in detention or custody of Pakistan. Huma Sultani from Ghazni claimed that...

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