1. ealtaf

    Mafias being supported by political parties in Karachi: Imran Khan

    PTI CIS Omar Sarfraz Cheema has Condemned the Ruthless Bloodshed in Karachi (Aug 20, 2011) Lahore 20th Aug: Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf Central Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema has condemned the ruthless bloodshed in Karachi. He said the government's incompetence and lack of will to deal...
  2. cheema.ji

    PTI CIS Omar Cheema sent a legal notice to Imtinan Shahid & Mian Riaz

    Omar Cheema's Facebook status Omar Cheema Dear All... i would like to thank you for your messages, tel call, emails regarding the ongoing negative campaign to defame me through baseless allegations in daily khabrain against me,my family and the PTI... To update you i have already sent a...
  3. Mysticreed

    Afghan Parlimanterian Huma Sultani claims Mullah Omar had been residing in her home.

    Mullah Omer in Afghanistan Afghan parliamentarian Huma Sultani said Tailban’s chief Mullah Omar is in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the Afghan’s National Directorate of Security has claimed that Mullah Omar was in detention or custody of Pakistan. Huma Sultani from Ghazni claimed that...
  4. ealtaf

    President PTI Balochistan Qasim Khan Suri Addresses at Huge Jalsas in Various Districts of Balochist

  5. WatanDost

    Azadi Slogans Echo in SIRINAGAR infront of CM OMAR ABDULLAH

    Azadi Slogans Echo During Police Football Tournament OnePakistanNews 16 hours 40 minutes ago Share Font size: Srinagar, In occupied Kashmir, the participants in the final match of football tournament shouted anti-India and pro-freedom slogans at a stadium in Srinagar. According to...

    Faisala Aap Ka - 18th June 2011 - Omar Cheema on issues of masses

  7. T

    US establishes contact with mullah omar.

    The US has contacted mullah omar to negotiate an end to the conflict in Afghanistan,but when Pakistan wanted to contact them to settle the issues,the US went crazy.Imran khan has been shouting for years about this thing,that our govt should contact the taliban high ups to settle things through...

    PakistanToday: Omar Cheema on Parliament Dishonoured ... Why?

  9. indian125

    Capture Kashmiri, Mullah Omar by July: US warns Pak

    Capture Kashmiri, Mullah Omar by July: US warns Pak PTI | Jun 1, 2011, 10.14pm IST Article Comments (37) Read More:Taliban|Sirajuddin Haqqani|Mullah Omar|Ilyas Kashmiri|Al-Zawahiri|Al-Qaida Supporters of Pakistan's Urban Public Front attend a government rally demanding to...
  10. mrcritic

    ISI and CIA rustle to hunt Mullah Omar

    A race has begun between Pakistani and the US agencies to capture Mullah Omar. A British newspaper reported that the US and Pakistani special forces were hunting the Taliban leader after new clues of his hideout were found. Intelligence reports suggest that Omar is being sheltered in Quetta...
  11. I

    Views On News - 27th Aril 2011 - Omar Cheema on recent political alliances
  12. J

    Imran has held no talks with Musharraf: Omar Cheema (PTI)

    Recently it is rumored that Imran met with Musharraf on a program called "Hasb-e-Hal". PTI has officially denied the claim (see below). Junaid Saleem, the anchor of the program and the editor of a newspaper, Insaf, has paddled this baseless claim and I believe he is an establishment's stooge...