1. Wadaich

    MacCain demands removal of NOC condition for US diplomats

    ISLAMABAD: US Senator John MacCain on Saturday called on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and demanded lifting of NOC ban on the movement of US diplomats, Geo News reported. US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter was also present in the meeting. They urged for removal of NOC condition...
  2. S

    No NoC, no travel Govt clips diplomats wings - Pakistan restricts US diplomats' internal travel

    ISLAMABAD, July 30: Strict enforcement of travel restrictions on diplomats based in Pakistan has escalated tensions with the United States and the issue is threatening to turn into another major diplomatic spat between the two. For now the two are, for the second time this year, wrangling over...
  3. S

    US Soldiers being stopped at the airport to get NOC

    Another Diplomatic Row with US Brewing Another Diplomatic Row with US Brewing Share ISLAMABAD: Another diplomatic row with the United States is brewing since Islamabad has barred a number of American military men from leaving the country because of expired visas and other documentary...

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