muhammad amir

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    بھارت کیخلاف چیمپئنز ٹرافی سے قبل اوول میں پاکستان کرکٹ ٹیم کی پریکٹس

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    Greatest test Captain of Pakistan Misbah Ul haq Practicing with his Son - Giving him Tips

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    My Mission is to become the best bowler of England Series
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    World Cup T20 Trophy Inaugurated at Army Public School Peshawar

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    Give Me A Chance To Be Good Again....Muhammad Amir

  6. M Ali Khan

    'Who should have, or not have, a say in Muhammad Amirs case?'

    Thou Shall Not Play by Ali Aftab Saeed I just pray to God that the whole Amir-should-or-shouldnt-play-in-PSL drama gets over soon. PCB is shamelessly feeding to news channels and papers day in and day out the same old rant with the same old characters, with a little twist here and there...
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    عامر کی آج بی پی ایل میں دو وکٹیں