1. S

    Re-name Benazir Airport to Mohammed Ali Jinnah Airpport

    Islamabad Airport should be re-named Mohammed Ali Jinnah Airport and Benazir income support should also be re- named as Allama iqbal's income support after the two most honourable and honest persons in Pakistan's history. This most corrupt PPP government in Pakistan's history is making a...
  2. J

    Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi removed as Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband

    On Sunday, the Islamic theological school, which has the status of a university, sacked the modernist - and controversial - Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi from the vice-chancellorship of the school. This is believed to be the first official sacking of a V-C by the Shoora members in Darul Uloom's...
  3. hroonj2k3

    Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah is gone but Allah has gifted us another Quaid e Azam

    Imran Khan addressing students at South Asia University - The Mother of all Speeches/ The Voice of IQBAL When ever I listen him or watch him delivering such philosophical Speeches/lectures, I get my self totally engrossed and hanged on his every single word which he utters..........
  4. patriot

    Of reason and knowledge - By Prof Mohammed Rafi

    Of reason and knowledge By Prof Mohammed Rafi | ISLAMS insistence on reason as the best guide for belief and action, combined with its pragmatic approach, makes it very practical, logical, rational and close to life as a belief system. Islam is concerned with the broad aim of life for...
  5. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Kia Wazeere Azam Gilani aisa karain gaiy - by Mohammed Izharul Haq
  6. canadian

    Gurba Kushtan Roz-I-Awal.......Mir Mohammed Ali Talpur.

    Gurba kushtan roz-e-awal Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur Pakistan is looked upon as an ill-mannered, ill-tempered, untrustworthy, double-dealing, terror exporting and dishonest alms-seeker whose primary interest is to empty donors pockets A severely hen-pecked husband, envious of his...
  7. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Yeh Sab Bhe Muafee Mangain - by Mohammed Azharul-Haque
  8. P

    Imran send flowers for mian mohammed nawaz shareef. . . .

    Imran ki doogli policy samjhe say bahir hai altaf ko gaddar bolta hai phone pey gupshup bi kerta hai (thumbsdown)
  9. Nawazish

    Mohammed Amir incident with some local boys on a gas station in Gujar Khan

    Picked up this from another forum. This bas*** deserves this!
  10. abbasiali

    Hafiz Haji Mohammed Ali Abbasi reciting in 6th annual Qirat & Hifz Quran Competition

    Folks sorry for poor video, it seems I need to have a tripod or I will keep apoiling these kind of Golden moments of life.