1. PkRevolution

    CIA, RAW and MOSAD's new plan: Create hate (tension)between Afghanistan and Pakistan before ISAF's

    Cross-border attacks are fuelling tensions between the neighbours. BE AWARE: ISAF and Nato are working on plan to create war like tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Recent attacks on Pakistani border from so called Afghan people proves that. This is same Tehrike Taliban who is...
  2. PkRevolution

    Kyani sahb!!! Ye Kia ho raha he??? Osama Failure? PNS Mehran? Afghan Attack 700-800 militants ISAF t

    Kyani Sahb!! Pakistani Qome ka ek Beta ap se Guzarish kerta he ke It is high time to announce U-Turn on War on Terror. We have enough of it. Please announce U-Turn on WOT. I think you have no other choice left. If you want pakistani nation stand behind Pak. forces you must do this right now.