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  1. Wadaich

    As Makkah & Madina are for Muslims; So is Pakistan for Sikhs. Gao Mata Pujari's Should Defend Endia,

  2. Neutral.Pakistani

    Comedian Junaid Akram Most Humorous Reply to India's Blame on Pakistan After Uri Attack!

    Alternate link 843000089168622
  3. Wadaich

    India Finances Trouble in Pakistan - Chuck Hagel US Secretary of Defense (2013-2015)

  4. U

    Balochistan Kee Awam Pakistani Hai Aur Modi Ko Moo Tor Jawab Diya. Zindabad.

    Source: People of Pakistani province Balochistan gave a stern reply to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi by rallying against Prime Minister Modi on his statement on Balochistan and Kashmir. On 15th August, Indias Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi gave a...
  5. P

    Earnings through Stock Market is Haram or Halal?

    Watch Earnings through Stock Market is Haram or Halal?
  6. A

    پڑوسی ملک کے انتہا پسندوں کے نام پیغام

    پڑوسی ملک کے انتہا پسند حکمرانوں کے نام پیغام For More Poetry Visit & Like at :
  7. Geek

    Pakistan soldiers refuse to accept Eid sweets from BSF at Wagah border

    Indias sweets refused on Eid by Pakistan soldiers on wahga border Amid the prevailing tension between India and Pakistan over ceasefire violations along their border, Pakistani Rangers on Saturday refused to accept the sweets offered by the BSF on the occasion of Eid. Border guarding forces...
  8. V

    Happy Defense day!

    6 september yoom e difa e PAKISTAN sub pakistanio ko mubarak ho aen ehaad karen hum pakistan ko azeem mulak banaen gay INSHALLAH
  9. G

    Are we really your enemies?

    ok , here i am an indian..trying to talk to you to know your heart. from the moment i born i heard india and pakistan are enimies.. but i dont know what is the reason .. do you know?.. in this 21 centure we are trying to kill each other .. think, we are same blood .. we look same, we we are...
  10. atensari

    بغل میں چھری منہ میں رام رام

  11. Pakistan 1st

    Mr. Madani, is this your india?