1. zeemeer

    MQM and Qadyaniyat Relations Exposed,Why Aamir Liaquat Husain left MQM

  2. jhootaylog

    "MQM has a huge network of terrorists" - Asma Jahangir

    MQM pioneered extortion in Karachi: Asma KARACHI: Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Asma Jahangir said on Tuesday that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) introduced extortion in Karachi. During the proceedings of the case in the Supreme Court, she stated that the party had a...
  3. fahid_asif

    Nasser Hussain calls Indian crickters 'donkeys'.

  4. L

    Aik Aur Darama: ZuilfQar Mirza K Ilzamat Altaf Husain Ko Na Batanay Ka Faisla - MQM

    waisay ab Mujhay Yaqeen ho giya hay,Altaf Husain House Arrest ho giya hay,Warna Z/m Warna Press Confrence k baad Khi mein ab tak pata nahi kitnay be gunah aur Shaheed ho janay they,Altaf Choran walay ab aap house Arrest hi achay lag rahay ho,:P
  5. littlemaster

    Interesting questions from altaf husain by cute/smart girl.

  6. littlemaster

    Mqm's struggle to hire solicitors to defend mr altaf husain.

  7. L

    Amir Liaqat Husain Ki Video asli ya Naqli

    Is Forum Par aik naam se aik Waqt Mein Aik hi thread chalta hay,agar koi dosra us naam se thread post karay,tu usay Modrator Pehlay walay thread k sath milaa detay Hain,But Amir Liaqat Hisain walay Moamlay mein stiation Diffrent hay,Y,is Forum Par kal Se Amir Liaqat Husain K naam se 3,ya 4...
  8. A

    F.M. Husain Betrayed: Mother India is Guilty!

    786 Muslim blood is cheap... F.M. Husain Betrayed: Mother India is Guilty! Fate of a Global Painter! -DR. ABDUL RUFF ------------------...
  9. D

    War crimes and denial - Irfan Husain

    War crimes and denial ONE of the most disturbing TV documentaries I have seen recently was Channel 4s Sri Lankas Killing Fields when it was aired in the UK a fortnight ago. Chronicling the last few days of the murderous civil war against the Tamil Tigers that ended in triumph for government...
  10. swisslaw

    Husain Haqqani:"CIA & ISI Are The Best Partners!" Webster Tarpley:"US Intelligence has announced th

    Husain Haqqani-Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States of America:"CIA & ISI Are The Best Partners" Webster Tarpley - RT News - US Intelligence has announced the partition of Pakistan A former NATO officer claims US Special Forces have...
  11. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Energy conference: When the lights go out By Khurram Husain

    Energy conference: When the lights go out By Khurram Husain Published: April 13, 2011 Hotel industry on the brink of collapsing in Gilgit-Baltistan due to unprecedented load shedding. Fittingly enough, the lights went out in the middle of it all. The event was the Pakistan Energy...