1. M Ali Khan

    The Road out of Gwadar

    A drive on the newly-constructed highway connecting the port city to Ratodero reveals the trials and tribulations of building infrastructure in conflict-ridden areas Twenty-three billion rupees. This is the cost of ‘Motorway 8’ (M-8), which (ought to) connect the port city of Gwadar in...
  2. M Ali Khan

    The Backlash to China's Belt and Road in South Asia

    The Backlash to Belt and Road A South Asian Battle Over Chinese Economic Power By Andrew Small When Beijing announced its One Belt, One Road initiative five years ago, the global reaction was immediate and pronounced. OBOR, as it became known, was hailed as a transformative effort to deploy...
  3. M Ali Khan

    'Whats wrong in Balochistan?' by Sanaullah Baloch

    By Sanaullah Baloch August 12, 2016 The loss of so many of the top brass legal professionals of Balochistan in a single moment is a shocking reminder that the province is far from being stabilised. Along with extremism, political violence and subsequent repressive policies of the state, the...
  4. FaisalLatif

    Gwadar: China's Golden Goose - Rebuttal to Farrukh Saleem

    Gwadar- China's Golden Goose By Faisal Latif 2 Aug, 2016 NOTE: Please click on graphs/figures to view them in full size and understand the argument better. I read an article by the journalist Farrukh Saleem in The News International titled Gwadar. The basic argument of this article...
  5. S

    Why Gwadar Port became a massive failure? And how can we fix it? Nadeem Haque explains

    Former deputy chairman Planning Commission Nadeem Haque ( explains the failure of Gawadar port
  6. swisslaw

    China's Pakistan gamble; Islamist terrorists & Gwadar port

    As the Taliban march on the Pakistani capital of Islamabad only see*ms to be menacingly inevitable, the stance of China is the biggest question baffling analysts. Pakistan is threatened by Jihadi groups, every day suffering from unnumbered and countless attacks in all odd parts of the country...
  7. maksyed

    China unaware of Gwadar Port Proposal

    China unaware of Gwadar Port Proposal Let see the H****khoor Traitors ......:angry_smile::angry_smile: Chinas foreign ministry said Tuesday it was unaware of a request by Pakistan to Beijing for help in building a naval base at Gwadar, strategically located on the Arabian Sea. Pakistan's...
  8. sherazopel

    China agrees to control Gwadar Port.

    According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defence, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar said that China and Pakistan have agreed to work jointly to establish peace in the region. China will be handed over the control of Gwadar Port when Singapore Auhtority’s tenure would come to an end...