1. M Ali Khan

    "What caused the Pakistani state to be so aggressive in 1971?"

    Looking Back at the Geopolitics Behind Pakistan’s Genocidal Split of 1971BY AHSAN I. BUTT Lieutenant General A.A.K. Niazi, the commander of Pakistan Eastern Command, signing the instrument of surrender in Dhaka on December 16, 1971, in the presence of India’s Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora...
  2. S

    This Pic will make you Cry

  3. K

    Radovan Karadzic: guilty of genocide in massacre of Bosnian

    Too little, too late but finally:
  4. mrcritic

    Malala and Quetta

  5. AbuOkasha

    Massacre of Muslims Started Again in Burma . Death toll tops 100 in Burma ethnic strife HE death toll from recent ethnic violence in Burma's western state of Rakhine has surpassed 100, an official says, as the government...
  6. rising.pak

    Main Eid Kesay Manao Mera Shehar Jal rha hai

    Tumhein Eid Ki Khushi Hai, Mujhe Yaad Hai Wo Lekin, Main Ye Kaise Bhool Jaon, Mera Sheher Jal Raha Hai.. Mera Zakhm Zakhm Seena,To Lahu Lahu Safeena, Main Nishaat Kaise Paun, Mera Sheher Jal Raha Hai Mere Shehar K yeh Vaasi Abhi SO Rahe Hain Inhein Kis Tarah JagaO, Mera Shehar Jal Raha hai
  7. S

    Insha allah Army will soon take action to stop genocide of MOHAJIRS in SINDH by this PPP governmen

    Insha allah Army will take action soon to stop genocide of MOHAJIRS in SINDH by this PPP government. ( Spartacus )
  8. I

    A battalion of army grabs 3500 acres of land and seals the centuries-old grave yard A battalion of the Pakistan Army has grabbed the land of old villages of the coastal area of Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. The fisher folk have been forced out of their ancestor villages and pressurised to leave the...