1. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 7th September 2011 - Gen Rtd Hameed Gul - Enemies of Country Serious But Government Non Se

  2. next2saint

    True Enemies of Pakistan? External or Internal???

    come and think of it... how did Pakistan suffer more in collateral damage? is it due to external wars (both with india so far) or is it due to internal wars (ethinic, shia-sunni mullaism, gangsters (political), war on terror (our army on civil land) etc) do we ever think before killing a...
  3. A

    Col. Qaddafi Makes Libya Free from Enemies

    Col. Qaddafi Makes Libya Free from Enemies :mash: -DR. ABDUL RUFF ------------------ Libya is facing tow sets of enemy- the Obama led NATO terror syndicate and CIA inspired terrorists inside Libya and both target Libyan people and resources for USA. Both consume eat...
  4. G

    Are we really your enemies?

    ok , here i am an indian..trying to talk to you to know your heart. from the moment i born i heard india and pakistan are enimies.. but i dont know what is the reason .. do you know?.. in this 21 centure we are trying to kill each other .. think, we are same blood .. we look same, we we are...
  5. S

    A Simple Guide To Pakistans Enemies

    A Simple Guide To Pakistans Enemies 76Share A Simple Guide To Pakistans Enemies The Main Target is PAKISTAN ARMY This article is written in early 2009 when Obamas AFPAK policy was declared. The internal situation of Pakistan has...
  6. H

    Top 5 Enemies of Pakistan

    1- US 2- India 3-Israel 4- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Talibaan 5- MQM Who would like to add in this list ?
  7. PkRevolution

    Tehrike Taliban behind NAVY Bus Attack!!!! Open enemies of Humanity and Pakistan

    Police added that the officers killed, Sub Lt Iqbal and Dr Shazia, were residents of Defence Society, while the sailor Umer Farooq was married and a resident of Chakwal (Punjab) and driver Mohammed Sharif was a resident of Lyari. " Dr. Shazia provided free medical treatement to people in her...
  8. PkRevolution

    What islams enemies are planing! New middle east Map. Makka and Madina a new holy state. Balochistan

    Beware of Islams enemies. They are clean shaved Talibans in 3 Piece suits. Current middle east Map: Do not get depressed. Allah mighty is the supreme power. This time we will hit them so hard that their comming generations will not forget it.
  9. News Beat

    News Beat - 14th March 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha & Qamar Zaman Kaira - Enemies Of the Past , Friends Of

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