1. Amna_Amo

    Crying baby Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma Finger break Almost crying due pain (cry) , Broad Cook Laughing :lol: England VS India 1st ODi
  2. itsnotme90

    I cant stop crying ( Allah Mujhay help karnay ki taufeeq day )

    A woman had to leave her child under the tree to save her other children life coz she couldnt carry him anymore coz they had no water left to walk to Kenya & she think he will be alive & then she cried. I will request all muslims to plz donate something for these poor children. This is the...
  3. sarbakaf

    Homosexual's Parties in Lahore - We are crying about talibanization what about this extremeism ?

  4. I

    witness the heart touching moments of reverts taking Shahadah and crying

  5. abbasiali

    I am so upset & crying by my HEART after watching future of my "YOUTH"

  6. WatanDost

    Pak nuke arsenal, India Crying

    Pak nuke arsenal getting bigger, danger signs for India Akshaya Mishra Jul 9, 2011 Pakistans nuclear arsenal is getting bigger and stronger, and India has reason to worry. The concern is not just that anti-India terror elements will get control over the nuke weapons; its more about India...
  7. PkRevolution

    A beautiful recitation with urdu translation. Imam and prayers behind started crying!!!

  8. mohib

    Meera crying live on TV after Afridi loses his wicket