1. ealtaf

    Kashmiris to Continue Struggle Till Success

    Srinagar, September 03 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has said that the people of Kashmir have vowed to continue peaceful struggle for Kashmir liberation till its logical end despite all odds. Syed Ali Gilani during his visit to the residences of...
  2. crankthskunk

    I will continue my struggle until MY LAST BREATH: ALTAF HUSSAIN

    The mouthpiece is back, and informed his supporters he would continue the struggle until his last breath. In other words, the killing and bhatta khori in Karachi would continue, until the day he die. Lets hope it is sooner than later.
  3. Fursan

    Pakistan will continue busting private CIA rings, ISI to tell US

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistans top spy chief is purportedly going to give the following message to his American counterpart in Washington: yes to formalised anti-terror cooperation, no to private CIA network. Chief of Pakistans premier spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt-Gen Ahmed...
  4. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 13th July 2011 - Dr Tariq Fazal & Jamil Bugti - Aid End but Drone Attacks st

  5. Imavailable

    Loadshedding to continue till 2018: WAPDA - Us k baad adat hoo jay giiiiii

    :lol:Loadshedding to continue till 2018: WAPDA Updated at: 1518 PST, Tuesday, June 28, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Chairman WAPDA Shakeel Durrani said that electricity loadshedding will continue till 2018, Geo News reported. Meanwhile member of the National Assemblys Standing Committee on Water and...
  6. jootaymaro

    Why We Pakistani continue to settle for such unjust treatment.

  7. D

    SHINING INDIA: Kidnap gangs continue to thrive in Delhi Kidnap gangs continue to thrive in Delhi (clap)(clap)(clap) About five children go missing in the capital every day with many falling prey to begging and drug traffickers Police refused to file report for...
  8. A

    Home count to continue till May 5 Staff Report ISLAMABAD: The federal government Monday extended more ten days to the home count, which will now continue till May 5. Director General of Population Census Organization, Muhammad Akram Janjua said the work relating home count would...
  9. Raaz

    Thanks SC - HEC to continue working

    سپریم کورٹ: ایچ ای سی کو نئی قانون سازی تک کام جاری رکھنے کی ہدایت سپریم کورٹ نے ہائرایجوکیشن کمیشن کی مجوزہ تحلیل سے متعلق درخواستیں نمٹاتے ہوئے نئی قانون سازی تک ادارے کو کام جاری رکھنے کا حکم دیدیا ہے۔ چیف جسٹس افتخارمحمد چوہدری کی سربراہی میں تین رکنی بینچ نے ایچ ای سی کی مجوزہ تحلیل سے...
  10. patriot

    Why Raymond Davis Will Continue to Happen

    Why Raymond Davis Will Continue to Happen Naeem Sadiq March 22, 2011 Pakistans izzat and ghairat came calling once again on the afternoon of 16th March 2011. The chartered aeroplane carrying Raymond Davis had grossly violated the honour space of Pakistan. Public sentiments were once again...
  11. Front Line

    Front Line - 18th March 2011 - Hafiz Hussain Ahmad & Mujeeb U Rehman Shami - Protest Ignored, US agg