1. H

    Bilqees Sarwar Hospital - Lahore (an initiative by Bilqees Sarwar Foundation) featured its first eve

  2. Matie Khan

    Shahid Khan Afridi Interview After His Declaration Of World Top 20 Charitable Athlete

  3. B

    Raising funds for free cancer treatment for needy people in Pakistan at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospit

    Dear all fellow members, :) I am raising funds for free cancer treatment of needy people in Pakistan because I have chosen Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Charity as a part of EMA (European Commission's) fundraising program. Fundraising page...
  4. R

    Khairati Kaam aur siasat

  5. K

    Drama of Shokat Khanum Hospital Charity - PTI to answer
  6. Geek

    Pakistanis among highest chairty giving nations

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