1. crankthskunk

    BREAKING NEWS: ARMY may be called in KARACHI

    ARY reporting, breaking news, General Kiyani meet President Zardari, in their meeting it was agreed that Military can be called in Karachi if need arises. Developing story, will keep the thread updated.
  2. L

    Why people trust army? Governor. Army can be called in Karachi. Interior Minister Sindh

    Why people trust army instead of Police? Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad said in a latest statement as Interior minister Sindh Manzoor Wassan said, Kidnapping is rising day by day and law and order is not under control and if police failed to control law and order army can be called in Karachi to...
  3. C

    UK Roits- So called civilized society

  4. digitalzygot

    US, China to start lobbying in UN against Pak Nuclear Assets !!

    WASHINGTON: The United States and Pakistan are heading towards yet another confrontation, perhaps consequentially more devastating than all previous disputes, as the Obama administration prepares to persuade Islamabad to halt the production of nuclear bomb materials. Recent reports in the US...
  5. arnold_mic

    Best Political Comedy Show??

    Best comedy show Hasb-e-Haal or BNN?
  6. H

    "Tablighi Jamaat center breeding ground for extremists"- Rehman Malik

  7. L

    Explosion rocks Oslo, Bomb blast near Norway prime minister's office

    A large bomb blast has hit government buildings in the Norwegian capital Oslo, killing at least two people and injuring 15 others. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, whose offices were badly damaged, described the situation as "very serious". Officials said some people were still inside the...
  8. Bombaybuz

    So called absence of pti in ajk elections......

    People are asking a valid question about PTI's absence from AJK ellections ...As far as AJK elections are concerned.... I can tell you now that PPP will win those elections and form a coalition government with Muslim Conference (PMLQ's sister party in AJK). AJK elections are of no importance...
  9. Bilal_Mushi

    Slap on the faces of those who called IK as Taliban Khan when he propossed talks with them.

    Talks with Taliban underway: Britain Updated at: 0448 PST, Friday, May 27, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Britain’s Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Mark Sedwill has revealed that Karzai government is formally engaged in talks with Taliban, Geo News reported. Talking to senior...
  10. Geek

    Another Gem From Another So Called Leader - No doubt We Are in This Mess

  11. Tilloo

    This is Called Crazy Engineering

  12. I

    It's WHY they're called SPECIAL Forces

  13. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 25th April 2011 - USA Called ISI Is The Terrorist Organization Of Pakistan!!

  14. A

    25 thousand soldier called in japan for help. thats what soldiers do all over the world

  15. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 6th April 2011 - What are The Requirements Of Public From This So Called Democratica

  16. H

    This is the representative of the so called party of middle class :)

    MQM who always speaks about the representation of Poor people and their MNAs belong to the Middle class according to their claims. Look at the living style of their MNA Wasim Akhtar. What a hypocrisy yeh log lain gay mulk main Inqilab.:P
  17. Geek

    Indian Expert called Paksitan Team An Auto RIKSHA and Indian Team A BMW - Gets A biffting Rely from

    Indian calling Pakistan AUTO RAKSHA and Indian team BMW. Amir Sohail challenging India to make green top in Mohali. Ravi Shastri saying India can beat Pakistan any day any were on green top 8 out of 10 times. Amir Sohail tell him start from Mohali .... I saw that on TV too where a ex...
  18. sarmad

    Afridi Called Imran Khan before QF for suggestions (Video)

    Shahid Afridi had called Imran Khan for suggestion on team selection. Imran noted that Afridi was not confident of Ajmal's form, and a few other things, watch the video from 2:30 onwards. Its a really good sign that the team management is open to all suggestions from important people.