1. lafatah

    Door to Door verification for Voters list begins today

    Make sure you registar yourself. If you dont vote, you dont count.
  2. Geek

    Ramadan begins - Some Nice Photos from All around the Globe

    Muslims around the globe have begun their holiest month of the year by giving up food, drink, smoking and other physical needs from dawn till dusk each day. In many communities, large dinner gatherings are held each evening to break the fast. The month also marks a time for Muslims to reexamine...
  3. canadian

    Dangerous conflict begins between Corrupt Zardaris Govt & SC !!

    ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Tuesday said that all institutions were duty bound to comply with the courts order under article 190 and that even the chief executive of the country could be dealt with legally if he tried to hamper the implementation of the courts order...
  4. Geek

    First US troops leave Afghanistan as drawdown begins

    KABUL: The first group of about 10,000 US soldiers, due to leave Afghanistan this year, have already left, military officials said Friday, kicking off a gradual drawdown due to be completed in 2014. US President Barack Obama in June announced that 33,000 American troops would leave...
  5. biomat

    Real time - Solution begins in Pakistan and ends in Israel