1. A

    Attention Moderators!!

    Salam, As you might have noticed that there seems to be a spammer here. "mehwish naz". Looks like this spammer is bringing up all the threads started by fresh members and is posting almost the same message in every thread. Just take a look into the posts of this member. Moderators! please pay...
  2. hawk eyed

    A little attention needed : Pakistan floods: One year on

    dont forget the flood victims while extracting zakat money from your accounts...they are homeless still n in desperate need of help from their brothers
  3. lllcolumbuslll

    what is rules and regulations about fake ID. attention admin.

    ||columbus|| View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles Add as Contact View Activity ایم کیو ایم کے ممبران کی طرف سے تحریک انصاف کے جوشیلے کارکن کولمبس کی جعلی آئی ڈی بنا دی گئی ھے۔ لہذا تحریک انصاف کے کارکنان سے گزارش ھے کہ دشمن مافیا سے ھوشیار رھیں۔ میرا...
  4. gazoomartian

    Gazoo Draws Your Attention Towards India's Idiocy and Hatred Towards Pakistanis

    I wanted to take some time off Siasat and do something constructive. I called up my 3 new Pakistani brothers. I have been friends with them for only 2, 3 weeks. They each hate India and had story to tell. 1. This brother's eldest brother is at a very high position in London. He is a physician...
  5. azrana

    Attention Please all Brother,s and Sisters from Faisal Abaad, (please pay attention)

    Aslam o Alakum All brother,s and Sister,ls and Visitors of this fourm I love this fourm as bieng Paki from aboard i have the3 chance to say something A very Crouppt Judge Additionel Session Juge Gujranwala Name ASSAD ALI has been transferd to Faisal Abad , he can do...
  6. B

    Congratulation! America Succeed to divert our attention.

    Now a days, when you turn on TV, Radio or Internet, the only news you will get is about OBL (Osama Bin Ladin). TV channels in the Islamic worlds are only broadcasting programs related to OBL death and his organization. I think the United States of America succeeded in diverting our attention...
  7. A

    Attention moderators!! Please fix this problem

    Salam, with your edited style of liking or disliking a post, i have noticed a very annoying thing. When ever I press the like or dislike button for a post containing a video which is playing at that moment, it refreshes the video instead of just keep it playing. Example: Someone posts a video...
  8. zardarifan

    I need attention of my friends, Just look into these two news.

    I am really sseking attention of my friends on these two mentioned below news, where one of the Media chanel is using false propaganda by closing their chanel by themslef.