1. amir_ali

    Russian-Ukranian Mega Brigade Will Fight in Syria For A Hefty PriceTag

    Guaranteed Syrian Citizenship For The 72,000 Strong Militarised Brigade Ready To Fight Alongside SAA, Hizballah NDF and Abu al Fadhl al Abbas Brigade.
  2. Shahid Naama

    Shahid Naama - 5th September 2011 - Saleem Bukhari & Gen Asad Durrani - Altaf Hussain's Letter to B

  3. Shahid Naama

    Shahid Nama - 18th August 2011 - Gen. Rtd Asad Durrani and Saleem Bukhari
  4. WatanDost

    Pakistan's ISI from the Inside:Lt. General Asad Durrani

    Home | International Pakistan's ISI from the InsideSteve Clemons | Jul 25, 2011 The best places to meet the world's most interesting national security and foreign policy personalities are no longer Washington or London or Paris. Rather, highest on the list are Beijing, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and...
  5. S

    Chaayr khubaan say chali jay asad (ataul haq qasmi)

  6. A

    ANALYSIS: Myths versus realities Sheikh Asad Rahman‏

    In the known history of over 5000 years, India/Indians never attacked any country beyond its borders. India, on the other hand, was attacked countless times and ruled by the Pushtuns, Tajiks and Turks like the Khiljis, Suris, Abdalis, Ghaznavis and Moghuls. It was Indians' spiritual belief that...
  7. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 16th June 2011 - Gen Rtd Asad Durani, Rtd Air Marshal Shehzad Chaudhary & Brig

  8. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 23rd May 2011 - Faisal Raza Abidi & Brig. Asad Munir - Terrorist Attack On PNS M

  9. Arslan

    Ghair Siasi Express - 23rd April 2011 - Shehla Raza and asad malik
  10. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 19th March 2011 - Gen Rtd Asad Durrani & Saleem Safi - Pakistan-US relations at a n