1. A Abbasi

    Al Jazeera English HD Live Stream

  2. digitalzygot

    Israel's another International Gundagarde - Israel nabs al-Jazeera's Kabul bureau chief

    Israel has arrested the Palestinian head of Al-Jazeera's Kabul office, accusing him of belonging to Hamas and contacting its military wing, the channel's Jerusalem bureau chief says. Samer Allawi was arrested last Wednesday as he tried to cross to Jordan from the West Bank, where he had been...
  3. L

    Nasim Ashraf on Pak-US Relation. Interview on Aljazeera

  4. FaisalLatif

    Liberal Extremists of Pakistan - Aljazeera English

    A complicit government in Pakistan, enabled by US interlocutors, continues to support US drone strikes. Pakistanis are enraged by ongoing US drone strikes in their country [EPA] Meet Resham Khan. The 52-year-old shepherd was brought on a stretcher to a psychiatric hospital in Islamabad in...
  5. FaisalLatif

    The Virtue-less war of the 'Nintendo bomber' -Aljazeera English

    Today the US is able to fly its drones over Waziristan and Yemen, but it is not inconceivable that in the future others too might be able to fly their drones over New York and Washington. In arrogating to itself the right of life and death over people around world, the US is flirting with...
  6. Asif shah

    Prediction of The Arab Awakening ( in 2003 ) and the Role of Aljazeera and Israel

    When you look at this video please consider that it was made in 2003. This is significant especially to what we see happening in our world today. The predictions are remarkably accurate. View the longer version of this speech below where among other things the financial collapse was...
  7. L

    Inside Story: America's exit strategy (AlJazeera Video Report)

  8. FaisalLatif

    Aljazeera: Court Orders Mubarak's name to be removed from public places

    Court orders that Hosni and Suzanne Mubarak's names be removed from all public places, including schools and streets. Last Modified: 21 Apr 2011 10:52 The names of Hosni (right), Suzanne (centre) and Gamal (left) Mubarak adorn many public places in Egypt [EPA/File] An Egyptian court has...
  9. FaisalLatif

    Aljazeera Documentary: Anwar Saddat and Egypt/Israel peace deal

  10. FaisalLatif

    Aljazeera News: How will the Israel Lobby Trick the World this Time (AIPAC) MJ Rosenberg is a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. The above article first appeared in Foreign Policy Matters, a part of the Media Matters Action Network. He was once an AIPAC...
  11. Adeel

    Bahrain is like a War Zone! Troops 'fire on crowds'

    Are any of you following what is happening in Bahrain a.k.a 'ARboon ki ayashi ka Adda'? Thousands are in streets and the King isn't taking any risks after what happened in Egypt. Dozens of people have been killed already. AlJazeera is showing some gruesome scenes. I have never watched AlJazeera...