1. crankthskunk

    Americans are using Pakistani Airspace: W LEAKS

    Cable disclose that Americans were using Pakistani Airspace regularly as much as 150 flights of various aircrafts a day. Two things confirmed by the cable, first Musharaf traitor had given full control of Pakistan to USA. What is the guarantee that these flights have not mapped all the...
  2. Geek

    Nato choppers again violate Pakistani airspace in North Waziristan

    The NATO continues to violate Pakistani airspace as two helicopters again intruded into the Pakistani territory on Monday. Sources said that two NATO choppers entered the Pakistani airspace to hunt militants in border area of North Waziristan Agency (NWA). The NATO helicopters entered the...
  3. crankthskunk

    Stealth Drones flying in Pakistani Airspace : Washington Post

    Dawn Reported CIA flew stealth drones deep in to Pakistan for months before Abbbotabad operation. The expert says Pakistan would have known. That had been my response from day one, Pakistanis knew, they took part, provided help and logistic in this operation. They are keeping quite of their...