1. M

    Hamza Ali Abbasi ne sirf baat ki aur doosri tarf se guns nikl aain- Zarar Khoro

  2. Geek

    Hamza Ali Abbas speaks for the rights of Ahmadis on national tv

    1807810572776173 Hamza Ali Abbasi has arrived everyone. Practice makes perfect. After numerous social media posts that only received the ire of many, Abbasi has finally done something many in his position wouldn’t dare to — question the oppression of Ahmadis. The actor and social activist...
  3. S

    Thailand to free 96 Pakistan asylum detainees

    http://tribune.com.pk/story/182277/thailand-to-free-96-pakistan-asylum-detainees/ BANGKOK: Thailand on Saturday confirmed it would release a group of almost a hundred Pakistani refugees and asylum seekers that activists said includes several dozen children and a baby born in detention. In total...
  4. atensari

    فتنہ قادیانیت کی بنیاد - وفات مسیح

    غلام احمد قادیانی نے اپنی جھوٹی نبوت کی بنیاد " وفات مسیح کے غلط تصور پر رکھی ہے" جس کے لیے وہ استدلال کرتا ہے کہ"توفی" اور ذی روح کی موت کے مفہوم میں استعمال ہو سکتا ہے تو حضرت عیسی علیہ سلام کے لیے کیوں نہیں . ١٤٠٠ سو سال سے مسلمان علما قرآن و حدیث کی روشنی میں حضرت عیسی کے لیے "توفی" کو زندہ...
  5. A

    Question For Qadiyanis

    I have few Questions for Qadiyanis please any Qadiyani answer 1) Do you believe that Nabi can come after Muhammad SW? 2) if the answer of above question is yes then Do you think Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a nabi? 3) If the answer to the Question 2 is yes then what is your believe about this...