Why SMQ Playing Double games to both PTI and PMLN??


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[h=2]PTI leader Shah Mehmood Quresh likely to join PML-N[/h]By Mudasser Aziz Oct 16th, 2012

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi is likely to join Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) after having confrontation with the partys chief Imran Khan.According to sources close to PTI vice chairman, Qureshi was annoyed with the party leadership after not giving him the chance to speak during the PTIs peace march gathering in Tank.Qureshi has started negotiations with PML-N and soon an announcement is imminent, they said.PML-N leader Mushahid Ullah Khan refused to confirm the news of Qureshi joining PML-N but said that negotiations were going on with the PTI leader.It is to be mentioned here that after PTIs large public gathering in Lahore and Karachi, several renowned politicians joined the party but now many of them had either left the party or ready to do so.


Another confident rumor on pkpolitics forum


I just don't understands this SMQ, what he's really upto??


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بہت عرصے سے لوگ اُمیدیں لگائے بیٹھے ھیں کہ شاہ محمود چھوڑ کر نون لیگ میں شامل ھو جائے گا۔

یہ وہ لاچار کُتّے ھیں جو آج بھی ہڈی کی اُمید لگائے زبان باہر نکال کر بھونک رہے ھیں۔


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No credibility to this news but even if it is, Who Cares? opportunists come and go. We are united behind Imran Khan and nothing can stop or distract us from achieving our goal, Justice for everyone in Pakistan!


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Lol nooray ********* are spreading rumours, lantiyoo bakery ka hisab do, awam ko Jawab do! inko sharam nahi aati Jalib ki nazmain pahrtay huay!
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pml(U)n ka yeh khawab toh aise hi hai jaise kut.te ko haddi ka khawab aata hai.....lekan....haddi milti nahi hai(bigsmile)(bigsmile)(bigsmile)(bigsmile)


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IMO he won't, or he'll lose his credibility. But PML-N surely would want him.
SMQ is a practical politician, If one go by logic, only chance for SMQ victory in his constituancy NA-148 is when there is one on one fight between him and PPP, the moment PMLN joins with a three way fight, PPP wins...no doubt about it.!!Therefore, how to agree PMLN not to contest their candidature in NA-148....this is all SMQ headache for quite sometime, if PMLN not agree to abstain than his only hope or chance stands to win is to joins PMLN itself............this is my assessment!!

pmnln walon ko ajj kal nind nahi ati .....................talks shows main ye sochte hain ke ya allah aj kia jawab denge logon ko cctv ne marwaya khadme Aala riwaind wala ki damad aur baiti dono jail main dal do .......kahan rana **** aur mushahidullah sheikh chali?ajj to kam askam marjawo pmnl ne walon:lol:


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Doesn't seem a true news. I just saw SMQ on Islamabad Tonight and he was elaborating PTI's policy on operation in Waziristan (See 11:00 mins and at the end of the program). This is almost 10th time this rumor is out. No other party can give SMQ as much importance as PTI has given him. I think he is a mature politician and wouldn't make his name go bad by switching parties every 6 months. So please stop creating a fuss and PTI supporters please don't jump on your own leaders on such rumors.


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Be aware....

These are rumors spreading by AHSAN IQBAL (COMPULSIVE LIAR) Through his PETS on various forms..... specially Pee k politics.
Get a life we all know your source of this garbage biggest joke he is come up with Pee K politics and NewsTribe as reference which is known propaganda factory of Noora league... these crap always cooked in Ahsan iqbal's kitchen and Pervaiz rashid is door to door delievery driver

let me tell you a story once upon a time there was a JACKAL he saw a Layla (Buck "male sheep")
in hot summer walking ahead due to hot weather his balls was literately touching the ground the mouth watering jackal started to walk behind it hoping that balls going to fall down any time soon then it will gona be his eid to grab it... but he walked walked & walked his tongue came out and legs got shaken but balls didn't dropped down he ended up spanking his own butt.
Get over it now stop playing games election is right on the corner..
don't waste ur energy focus on ur constituencies we can see desperation (mouth watering) But no balls fall down for you anymore you will end up spanking your own butts.

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Ye wohi Qureshi hay na jis ki mukhalfat kay jawab main Khan sahab nay Insafians ko yeh sunaya tha kay ....

"Shah Mehmood meray Nazarye pay aya hay"
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