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The video explains what is ECL and on what basis people are included to the ECL (exit control list.) Siasat.pk is working on this series of educational videos, enlightening the masses about the Constitution of Pakistan and other laws that they need to know. Let us know how do you like it and feel free to give us your suggestions & ideas for betterment and constructive criticism is also welcome.

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Kaam ki baat karien , ye bataaien keh ager naam pehlay say hee ECL mien ho to asaan-tareen tareeqa kia hay ECL say niklwanay ka???


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Drug traffickers are also in the ecl.

Good to know that Babji in the list but why Mukhtaran bibi's name included?


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الله غارت کرے پاکستان کے حکمرانوں کو
ہمارے پھول سے ایڈمنسٹریٹر کو پسینے میں نہلا دیا



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lolz nooron ka toh pata nahin, hum jitnay bhi insaafians yahan peh shor macha rahay hain, hamaray naam zaroor is list mein kahin na kahin hoon gey.... lolz

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My dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam and my beloved pakistaniyon. Let's work for a peaceful Pakistan, a stable Pakistan, s successful Pakistan. None of these leaders will change your fate. You will change your fate youself. Don't fight among yourelf, don't spread rumor or Intishar, stay united, stay peaceful, take care of your family, your neighbor, your country. Remember you are brothers and sisters to each other. I have never seen a more beautiful nation that pakistan. I LOVE PAKISTAN AND PAKISTANI PEOPLE.
Go home and work for your nation. Don't get mesmorized (fooled) by these crook politicians.

There is no room of this kind of violence in Our Beloved Pakistan:

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