We repeatedly requested but Nawaz Sharif didn't name Kalbhushan- Kamran Shahid grilled Rana Afzal


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Ganja was in the process of getting pregnant by Modi and was in ectasy. Rana Afzal is worried as being a pimp of the looters he is forgetting that Ganja/Ganji was also the foreign minister at the time when he should have mentioned Kulbushan Yadav. Instead he took Bhagori and his family to the Un and paraded them in the hope of getting a better rider than poor Safdur


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Rana Sb
Thanks for defending my leader who is fighting his life in Gynecological ward to give happy news to this nation
Yaar vaikh laye, it is not Maryam Bhagori AKA Bandit Queen of Qatar is not in Gynecological ward getting ready to deliver another half wit Qatari ........ Bin/Bint Jasim after giving favors in response to Qatari letter.



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why would modi's friend say the name of a indian terrorist spy? if anything the mian would get a retardation attack when journalist would ask him to name that terrorist and he would start defending the bc. Haram the suwar wants to become sheikh mujeeb as well. Rot in jail you pig


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Shoot This Rana Afzal harami Kunjur. PMLN TERRORIST family Ltd is history. Lohaars Dakoo gabg is finished.


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iss h...mi afzal k...r ki m...ke yaar nawaz sharif Butt aur yeh hoshayaar puri twaif ki aulaad afzal k...r yeh woh h...mi aur twaifon ki naslain hain yeh woh jaali ranay aur jaali khan hain jo asli aur khandani k...r aur dalaay hokrr pakistan mai aakrr Rana bhi bnn gaiey aur khan bhi laikin yeh h...m zada beghrt twaif nasal afzal k....r abb bhi bhonk raha hai ke iski m.... ke yaar modi aur India ko jawab naa diyaa jaiey yeh h...m zaday khusray namardd aur heejray zankhay asli k....r aur twaifon ki naslain hoshyar puri bharvay kiyaa jaanain ghrtt aur bahadri kiya hoti hai yeh hoshyar purr mai twaofon kaa dhandaa krnay walay khandan kaa afzal aur iski trah ke jaali ranay aur jaali khan aur asli k....r family ko samajh hi nahi aasakti keh bahadri aur ghrtt kiya hoti hai laakh di lanat iss twaif nasal Afzal k...r prr


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After hearing him this is the first thing come in mind, who is he and the answer came as I said above.
Sir , Yeh Afzal Rana to hai hi nahi yeh aik hoshyar Puri twaifon ki aulad kaa poora Group hai Jo certified K....r aur Pimp thaay hoshyaar Pur India mai, aur Pakistan aakrr Yeh Afzal K....r aur Iskay Baap daday Jaali Khan aur Jaali Ranay bnn gaiey Yeh afzal Twaif Zada k...r hai Rana nahi asli aur Certified Hoshyar Puri K....r aur Twaif zada Rana Mardood aur Rana Snaa yeh sbb jaali ranay aur Asli k...r aur Twaif zaday hain
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