Pakistani Journalists appreciate PM Imran Khan's bold & concise response to India on Palwama Attacks


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Following hateful attacks and one-sided blame game by the neighbour, Pakistan has finally responded to the jingoism. PM Imran Khan came up with a bold and concise response to the entire situation. With assuring India cooperation on all fronts if they produce any evidence of Pakistani land being used for terrorist anti-state activities, Khan also warned that in case of any action, Pakistan will retaliate with equal volume.

Journalists have appreciated the stance:

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Excellent speach..Modi under estimate Imran Khan who is by born fighter..Pak Army is ambitious to lesson India...A small China Army movement in Indian border..will piss off Modi within a hour.. Once India start any attack in Kashmir border... India will lose control all over Kashmir within days..


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Where are the Patwaris and jiyalas Even their paid pets in the media are singing a different tune

Citizen X

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This is what you call a real surgical strike. In a nut shell, bande de puttar ban je koi hoshiyari vikhai te bund ich ward ke paath jawan ge

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Klasra phir ghaib.....
Janay kya soch raha hoga.....kam bakhth...
Fikr not, Einstein of Layyah will come on TV tonight, and say credit lena nahi chaiye lekin I'm glad to see he took my advice which I gave yesterday that PM should address the issue, after then the entire program will be spent nit picking, criticizing and patting himself on he back.

Twitter pe asi bakwas is liye nahi kerta ke pata hai logon ne is pard ke rakh dene hai

Missa Kaswal

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imran khan ko dosti ki baat karni chahiye, modi ko apni tashreef tray mein rakh kar deni chahiye.. rauf kalasra
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