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  • Dear member,

    I'm trying to reach out to ever member and bring everyone on the same page. Everyone's opinion is respected, as long you are not being abusive or getting personal with others.

    following is the example of your post I just came across.


    نجم سیٹھی کی چڑیا اور نجومی ماموں نے پاکستان کہ جیتنے کی پیشن گوئی کی تھی . لگتا ہے کہ سیٹھی کی چڑیا ماموں کے 'پچھواڑے' کہ اندر گھس کر خبر لائی تھی اس لیے غلط ثابت ہوئی"

    Instead of responding to an abusive post, Report it and we'll take an appropriate action against the user.

    I hope, you will cooperate with us to make this forum a better place.
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