Mohammad Amir Crying after the decision talking to GEO NEWS


I am glad is life main hee saza mil gaye, nothing much. Talent hi talent hai PAK main, looking for honest uprising IA
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I'm not getting a thing :(( Wo banda kaha gaya jisny inn becharo ke saath aisa kara ?


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This is a good lesson for Pakistanis,

As a Pakistani, you have to very careful when you deal anything, Remember Pakistan FIRST before do anything. Noone will help you so be careful

Pakistanis are in target every where in the world and We deserve this. Hopefully one day things will get better somhow lets pray now


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Isko Qaum se maafi mangni chahey thee besharam ko..................

Hr mujrim ko jb saza hotee he aisa hi mun banata he ...............

Isey sharam nhi aeee k croron log inkey liaey dil o jaan se duain krtey hain ore ye jooaa laga raha tha...............

Bohut acha hoa is begharat k saath.................Lakin afsoose k ye qaum se maafi mangney ki bajaey phir bevakoof bna raha he jesey baree ziadtee hoee he iskey saath.


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yar yeh bat ghalat nehen k few countries are after Pakistan they are actually demoralizing Pakistan and this is also the part of it.......yar ek bat batao kon nehen envolve spot fixing men, sab countries and or kafi players to samne aye or unke khilaf proofs bhi the, like Raina, Dilshan or boht se khliladi but unke boards bohot strong hen and they actually saved them, i dont say k in logon ne sehe kiya but why pakistanees are always treated like this...........and specially some awesome talent...........but with this incident they will be more then careful..........but i will protest the behavior of ICC with is not fair by any means........


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In principle you are right, he should have thought about the country before his misdeeds.
But in my opinion, idea seems to sold well to him, it is not match fixing, it is not losing or throwing game away not ever giving a lose delivery.
A Seventeen Years old promised a lot of money for one or two No Ball, he deserved some mercy as effectively he has got same punishment as two others, Butt 10 years but may be reduced to 5 and Asif 7 years but could serve 5. Similarly he should have been 5 years but could return after 3 years if he behaves, this would have been fairer in his case.

A crime is a crime it doesn`t matter big or small, therez no justification to it.
ICC did say that they wanted his sentance to be less, but minimumm sentance for such a offence is 5yrs.. so in another words they gave him minimum sentance.. But keep in mind they are also considering to change the law and reduce minimmum sentance limit for that sort of offence.. so that might help him in appeal against his sentance, if the law gets change.. I wish him all the best & hope that he will learn from his mistakes.


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I would have asked Amir at least one question if I was taking his interview. Dear Amir, do you repent your act now and don't you think the whole Pakistani nation deserves an apology from you?

allah nay na tumhara raasta band kia tha or na hi woh inshallah tumahray liye koi doosra raast kholey ga. Instead of regretting his past "crime" and asking this poor nation for forgiveness he is bringing the almighty into this game although only he himself is responsible for the situation he is going through.

I heard ( but not sure ) that he belongs to a poor family.. if thats true then i think Allah gave him a chance to change his luck.. but he SPOILED it..
But its true if HE Azawajal closes 1 door then opens another 100.. but in this case my dear brother Amir doors will only open with Tauba from depth of your heart. May Allah accept your repentance & forgive you.. therez no doubt every Pakistani wants to see you dominating world of cricket not the bookies...
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Bewaqoof qaum jurm jurm hai cahay kisi ne chup kar keeya ho ya jan bojh kar kiya ho. bilkul theek saza hai yeh to ICC ne saza dee hai ab in ko Nishan e Ebrat Bannay ke liye PCB bhi saza ka elaan kare.


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don,t cry amir
go and practice more and more...and u need introspection.ur punishment may be very painfull for u bt can stop many youngster in future to take wrong path for money.
so don cry be prepair for another try after 5 years.


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"May be" after 5 years, he will come and do more corruption and fixings as he would want to make more money for the remaining years of his cricketing life.
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