Mohammad Aamir & Salman Butt at Qadir's son's Wedding (Video)


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man, these guys have no shame. you have to give it to Butt, he acts so cool and innocent that for a second you forget that he screwed his country like no one else.


is this Qadir same guy who often be seen in Indian media and praising about their players? Recently, it was tendulkar....I wonder how much money he makes out of it.. Very doubtful Personality.....


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if tendulkar is good; whts wrong in praising the batsmen.. i am not a criticket fan but love tendulkars batting just like i luv afridis hitting and indians luv akram's and waqar's bowling.. why du we have to hate every one????


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very nice good looking newly married couple and i liked abdul qadir the best in the world googly master he was been offered from counties many times with lts of money to teach the googly techniques but he refused being a pakistani


guys put an end to this blame game, bet to differ - this is sports one shouldnt be so over hyped with emotions and be so irrelevantly prejudice towards sum1's choice upon cricket, I myself am a die hard fan of AB de villiars and gilchrist so does that make me an european ally and anti pakistani
simply not at the same time i acknowledge saeed anwar, inzamam, wasti, amir sohail - its sports, not politics :)
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