Indian Army Chief says troops are ready to retrieve Azad Kashmir and make it a part of India

Dawood Magsi

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HAHAHAHA Yeh Khhoti k bachay kuchh kar saktay to kabb ka kar saktay, inn Khhoti k bachon ki gaandd main damm hai to aik try kar k dekhh lain


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Courage LOLZZZZ... Their Army is 3 times bigger with 7 times bigger military budget, yet they are giving mere statements and you are calling it courage just because you hate your own Army and Imran khan.

Not to mention that despite this big gap we humiliated them big time just recently and they liked the Fantastic Tea!
ek momin dus hindu ke barabar hota hai , is liye pakistan ki fauz india se badi hai .


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Never underestimate your enemy. Plan is to engage Pakistan on both fronts. New TTP in form of ISIS-K/Blackwater is ready on western side. Even another drama like OBL capture in Pakistan territory maybe planned to kick start things...
The concept of Blackwater is nothing new. There used to be a magazine 'Soldiers of fortune' in the 60s and 70s . Mercenaries were recruited through this magazine and their usual field of operations were Africa. The French Foreign legion also had many fugitives from justice and desperedos and were used for dirty campaigns in foreign lands. Blackwater is going to be used in Afghanistan with full aerial support. The casualties of Blackwater will probably escape Congressional scrutiny and no one needs to explain 'body bags'. Afghans are tenacious fighters and have a very impressive record fighting against the might of US onslaught. It all depends on how effective air support will be provided by US and how Taliban adapt to the new scenario. Our troops are also fighting fit and the command is also aware of the pros and cons of an active war. How Modi-Rajnath-Doval handle the situation is important but the most important factor is the reaction of Kashmiris. Will the Indians be able to starve and beat them into submission?
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