Exclusive show from NA 122 constituency - Rigging Or No Rigging? See what people have to say


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Imran barking since last year rigged election and getting paid from government every month and his party members... lannat hai assey insaf wali party... awam mar jayaee gi tab insaf doo gay..... darpok khan u stupid ppk keep idol workship him bcoz he's ur holy cow and don't ask any question from him.


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Suno meray Bhaio, Buzargo, Behnon, Bachoo.
Jab yeh log kehtay hain k Imran Khan say KPK main Hukoomat nahin chal sikti. Wo Khud KPK waloon say pooch lain. Wo kon hotay hain k Hukoomat Markaz main baith kar KPK kay baray main batian karty hain Ider aio aur dekh loo. KPK main is waqat smooth Government hay. Kisi ko koi Shakiat nahin soway Loadsheding, Menghai kay.


اپنے سوال ہی کا جائزہ لے لو، اسی میں جواب ہے

مثلأ یہ سوال کیا جاتا کے اس حلقے میں کیا مسله ہے یا ہوا ہے ذرا اپنی بے بہا عقل سے واضح کریں


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Good job, very well Done mubashar. iss trah kay effete kerny say he kouch ho ga werna tu in kay kaan may awaz he nahi pohanchti.


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Kia Jamhoriyat ka Mutlub PPP aur PMLN ki bariyan hain ?
Charter of Democracy ub samajh aa raha hai k kia hai " yani PPP aur PMLN ki Bariyan
It is proven that it was rigged election as always rather worst ever . PPP aur Nora League k muk mukka aur rigging k raz bhi khud he khultay ja rahay hain kaisay election commission banaya gaya kaisay care taker setup banaya gaya aur kaisay election kerwai gaey . aur Opposition leader bhi PPP ka banaya gaya takay wohi game chalta rahe agla caker setup ,election commisionphir inkay lia puncher.
Ub Nawaz Nawaz raha hai un sub ko jinhon ne osay 3rd time PM bunwaya jis k lia wo kuch bhi kernay ko tayar tha


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I give Comparison for viewers compare top leadership and decide


Asif Ali Zardari Nawaz Sharif Imran Khan

Bilawal Zardari Shahbaz Sharif Jawed Hashmi

Khursheed Shah Khwaja Asif Shah Mehmood

Qaim Ali Shah Chaudhry nisar Parvaiz Khatak

Qamaruz zaman Qaira Abid sher Ali Shoukat Tareen

Raja Parvaiz Ashraf Parvaiz Rasheed Dr Shireen Mazari

Rehman Malik Ahsan Iqbal Asad Omer

This brief list can give you comparson
compare the people who you think are clean and deserve to rule the govt?


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I can go to the same places and get a verdict from a hundred people of ik being an idiot loser, but that would be a fact as well. :)


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A really great work Siasat.pk. I really appreciate it and hope social media will replace controlled - print and tv media to some extent. Bravo !!!!


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Poora Pakistan PTI nahee hai , no other party is saying , a minority party can not influence the decisions of the Majority

Social Media pey shor sharaba or galiaa dainay say koi Majority nahee ban jata
Sahee keh rahey ho pura Pakistan PTI nahee ha ISS Pakistan main aur bahoot ce be imaan bhi rehtey hain jo PATHER MAAR ker GILAZET ce apney aap ko gunda kertey hain aur mantey nahee hain keh mujh ce budboo aa rahee ha.


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My frnds frm same area said that IMRAN KHAN had clear advantage

Ayaz Saddiq was weakest candidate of PMLN in Lahore

Rahat Qureshi

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NADRA declared already that one thumbprint conducted many votes. So vote rigging has been proved. But the point is that PMLN has got that degree of authority where it can BUY justice and law. Now if courts n judges are under government, then who will provide justice to PTI and this nation at large ? Secondly , if the government doesn't give consent for recounting (and it will never give) , then no one can force it and PTI will end up yelling.
Majority opinion is with Imran Khan but why can't people realise that what is Imran Khan doing in the region where he is the man with power ? What is he doing for IDPs ? He should have been the first one to visit refugees, but he didn't. He was busy struggling to somehow attain more regions. He was busy proving vote rigging. If he cannot well handle his own small region then how can we expect him to well handle the whole country ?
Rahat Qureshi
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