China's Official Response On PM Imran Khan's China Visit


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اپنی تمام تر ملک دشمنی، حکومت سے نفرت کے باوجود اگر جنگ نے یہ خبر لگائی ہے تو پھر سوچا جا سکتا ہے کہ حقیقت میں وزیر اعظم کا یہ دورہ چین کتنا کامیاب رہا

تعریف وہ جو ملک دشمن بھی کرے

i dont believe in jang media group anyway! yeh sirf gunjay ki jhooti khabar chaapta hai!

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It is when "IK has done nothing and his China's trip was a complete failure". Imagine what would have been the reaction if Imran's visit was "Successful"!!.

Report is in, "Mai Bhagori" is seen romping up and down in anger in her lawn at Jati Umrah.
It is reported that the "Bawarchi" cooking Nihari for Dumb Butt is pushing the "Dag" on a trolley behind "Mai Bhagori". The Nihari cooked in record time, such was the heat emitted from the behind of "Mai Bhagori".


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Look IK government inherited NOT the "Empty bucket" but not even the bucket itself !!!
What he has done is built a bucket and managed to put some resources from previous Govt mismanagement simply!


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I think IK was very successful with his china venture. The biggest success was to leave the dollar and deal with local Chinese currency.
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