Asslam O Alaikum I am new Mod here


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welcome here....Apki hamdardian kiss key sath hain ....Imran khan key camp mein ho ya Nawaz sharif key camp mein..kon ziada suspend ho ga


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Maahir sahib/sahiba----- welcome onboard
I had asked the person I charge to take action against them who writes and spread hatred against Qaid Azam Pak Army and propagate against Balochistan ---- kindly check their country of origin and ban them because they are anti Pakistani power and RAW agents on this forum
This forum is meant to do constructive criticize ---- not spread hatred ---- So don,t be the tool of these agents


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ویلکم ماڈریٹر صاحب۰۰۰پر
ہتھ ذرا ہولا رکھنا ـ ماڈریٹردی تھپڑاں نال کیئی پٹواریاں دی کنڈ ہالی تک سُجٌی ہوئی اے

Zaidi Qasim

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I doubt you can 'work with' anybody. You only know how to work against everybody. Now go ahead and ban me for trolling the mod
Now, let not get too harsh on Abbasi , Our friend and sympathizer. He is merely doing his job for which he doesn't even get paid from Adeel. Its the same as Onions and Shoes. After a few times around, one gets hooked up to it. Call it sedation or addiction, but its hard to imagine life without it.

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Welcome Brother :)

Bas Allah kare k aap mein Mr A Abbasi ki tarah ziada attitude na ho and sab members chahe newbie ho ya expert sab ko aik jaisa treat karo And most Important thing No Personal EGO with any member apni ban karne k power ko thek use karna bro :)

may be iss comment k bad main khud bi ban ho jaon because here no one can speak against A Abbasi (serious)
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