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  • ماہر صاحب ہمیں تو آپ دھمکیاں دے رہے ہیں ادھر کبھی ان جیسوں کو بین کا ہے یہ ہر پوسٹ مین مجوسی متہ کیا کیانہیں کہتا ہے مجھے دھمکی دینے سے پہلے پوچھتے تو صحیح کے بو بکرا کسے کہتے ہیں آپ سے مھدبانہ درخوست ہے کے دیو بندی وہابی بن کر نہیں ایک انسان بن کر سوچیں اور ان کو پہلے بین کریں
    Mahir Bhai I cannot reply to your message for ban on Nawaja Lohar. I just asked you please to delete his abusive post. Please lift ban from him as I never asked for it.
    I respect u and admin as well but i want to ask simple question!
    Why u allowed members to add link of Z**tv in threads as a source? .Why u allowed members to add link of a**ztv as a source? .BTW on a lighter note, u are violating your own rule!
    Forum rules>3rd last point.
    When i post any thread of in my web then i also add link of as a source is it legal requirement? .Its a web rule and common sense as well that when u post any thread of any web in any other web then u have to add source! .In a lighter note! u couldn't prove your point .Ok another question/ why u allowed all members to add source of anwar lodhi web? .Why u didn't remove it?
    Sir i talked to zain itrat 18 days ago .He said that u can add source in the thread if content is posted in any web first .After zain statement , i also added source in my column about education 10 days ago and no one expressed their concerns about adding source of any web at that time!
    Can u explain that if someone posts his content in x web and then he wants to upload it on z web then he should add x web source or not?
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