Zahra Hussain, An Inside job?


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(yapping) All PTI trolls need to calm down.

I did not establish that PTI is involved.

Bravo PTI supporters for reacting fiercely, when even you are not sure that these speculations are false (clap) . Bravo PTI for believing that your party is innocence without having a concrete reason to back it up (clap) . Instead of scratching wrong tree, go back, look in your ranks, work your weakness out and don't let it hinder your sanity (serious).

You did not establish ANYTHING, If you had, you would not be talking crap on here

What you have done is simply confirm how desperate you and your MQM masters are

You have blamed target killers robbers, PTI, tom **** harry and bob

I am waiting for MQM to say that it was part of UK led Israeli/RAW conspiracy against the great oaf of Edgware who we all know is the greatest human being born in the last 1000 years. He truly is innocence personified

Now go think of something more original and something which people might actually want to believe


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MQM may be whatever people expect them to be, but they are not stupid"

Only STUPID people burn their own boat.


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listen to cnn reporter who met her 2 days before her murder. she was compaining about MQM's massive Rigging.

much to my disappointment recently I discovered that mehwish ali is a brotha and NOT a sistah.

Mehwish_Ali may be the poster's wife, mother or sister's name.
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