YouthiaNadeem says he brought his family to the event for dance and protest


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I hope this so called journalist has courage to put up the video when this gentleman was saying the these Lifafa sahafi stand outside Nawaz sharifs property and ask planned questions…. Have they even asked about looted money??!!!!!
Pakistani journalism is a cheap entertainment these day…. Showing sasta mujrah on daily basis!!!


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No comments just read this above news. Sadly this is the end of PMLN workers with drug overdose.
I fully agree with Pml(n) being corrupt and the lowlife scums now enjoying life at the expense of ordinary Pakistanis BUT How does this justify this animal like behaviour by PTI supporters?

Rather than doing “anything” against the corrupt Nawaz clan and other lower ranked looters like Saif Khan, imran khan ne inn youthiyo ko bander ki tarrah uchalnay pe laggaya huwa hai. Iss se ulti Pakistan ki beizzati ho rahi ha.

Why doesnt Pakistani government, NAB, Imran Khan take some stern action against these looters, rather than ordinary Youthiay doing non-Stop Mujra at every venue?


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Since there were only a few people who came to protest, the venue outside changed into lots of patwari thugs outside the hall on Maryam's son wedding and chanted horrible abuses against Imran Khan.

End result tamasha outside. Target achieved.


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Altafi bharway yaad hai jab Altaf Kalia tumhari ma behno ko live sex education deta tha aur tum G Bhai G Bhai kehte thay.
Chalo nacho, youthia kanjerkhanay ki paidawar.

Tum jaisay Dimaghi tor pe dewaliya logo k paas kissi sawal ka koi jawab nahee. Both Nawaz and Saif Khan (as well as Zardari) have their zameen, jageer, Mills etc “in Pakistan”. Thats where they are funding the lavish life style of their khandan from. Nothing will happen to their assets while the Imrani Topi drama is there.

Sirif tum jaisay Youthiay issi tarah roads pe rundiyo ki tarrah nachtay rahein ge aur zaleel hotay rahein ge.