World's cheapest computer called CHIP - $9 only


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The Raspberry Pi popularized the idea of the micro-PC with a compact and a very low cost computer. Now a brand new participant, Next Thing‘s CHIP, joins the race to construct the world’s cheapest computer. CHIP is a completely functional Linux-powered computer and is nearly one-quarter the size of a banana and one-quarter the price of the Raspberry Pi. Yes, really it’s just Nine Dollars!

To minimize down the price, CHIP packs a 1GHz Allwinner R8 Cortex A8 processor with a built-in Mali400 GPU, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage. It additionally encompasses a micro USB port, composite headphone/mic port, Wifi and Bluetooth. All of which is powered by attaching a LiPo battery, DC power, or via the micro USB. The hardware is powerful enough to operate LibreOffice, the Chromium browser, and an entire host of video games and applications to teach programming.

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Unfortunately, these micro-PCs are good for nothing, due to passive cooling (actually no cooling at all).
I bought one Rockchip RK3188 (UG007b) last year.
After wiping Android, I installed Ubuntu 14.04LTS and used it as an FTP server (plugged 1TB HDD in its USB port).
ALL these micro-PCs are FANLESS, hence during summer they succumb to heat.
And my microPC, also burnt out (24 hours continuous operation, room temperature 30-35C), .... 40€ went to waste :(

Edit: those who can solve the cooling issue, must go ahead with these micro PCs, especially RK3288 ..
check this one:

These PCs are available in Pakistan (e.g. from
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