1. J

    Build A New Pc 9th Gen Under 1 lack

  2. H

    The New Cheaptest Computer in the World

    Source: Raspberry Pi Foundation. Some months ago, you might have previously read about the $9 C.H.I.P, world’s cheapest computer, that was made by a company called Next Thing. Well, last week, C.H.I.P lost that title to the Raspberry Pi Zero, the new cheapest computer in the world...
  3. H

    World's cheapest computer called CHIP - $9 only

    The Raspberry Pi popularized the idea of the micro-PC with a compact and a very low cost computer. Now a brand new participant, Next Thing‘s CHIP, joins the race to construct the world’s cheapest computer. CHIP is a completely functional Linux-powered computer and is nearly one-quarter the...
  4. hans

    North Korean computer hackers for Hire.

    IT IS often said of the smartest criminals that if they were to put their talents into legal endeavours, they would become great legitimate successes. The same may well be true of North Korea as a whole. Last week its government was accused of renting out 30 of its elite programmers to a group...
  5. hans

    War of the Worlds ..IMF Computer System Hit by Foreign Cyber-Attack

    The International Monetary Fund’s computer system was targeted by hackers, believed to be connected to a foreign government, who retrieved e-mails and other documents, according to a person familiar with the attack. The incident occurred before former Managing Director Dominique...
  6. D

    News about Computer glitch with a Computer \err Human glitch !

    Source WASHINGTON A computer glitch corrupted the State Department's annual worldwide lottery for U.S. immigrant visas and the results will be scratched, the Obama administration said Friday, disappointing tens of thousands of would-be immigrants who were notified this year that they had won...
  7. Tilloo

    Back and Neck Safty While Using Computer

  8. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Computer Vision Syndrome

    Computer Vision Syndrome describes a group of eye and vision related problems that result from prolonged computer use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing a computer screen for extended periods. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount...
  9. hans

    1mm (millimeter) Injectable Computers.

    1mm (millimeter) Injectable Computers. Imagine a computer, complete with processor chip and sensors, so small it could give a grain of salt a run for its money. Now imagine embedding it as a super-smart sensor inside your body. The device in question is designed to be embedded...
  10. S

    Amazing hafiz sahib from krachi pakistan