Women in Bangladesh convinced to smoke with false promises (Some Shameful People Out there)


As sales drop in Europe and North America, tobacco companies looking for new customers are increasingly targeting young women, particularly those in developing countries.

In Bangladesh, close to 28 percent of women are smokers.

Tobacco companies are employing a disinformation campaign, to encourage even more women to light up.disinformation campaign, to encourage even more women to light up.

Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque reports.



Siasat.pk - Blogger
--Extremely disturbing news.....Pure diabolical tactics by these giant money hungry 'n' greedy leeches :angry_smile:


Siasat.pk - Blogger
if western companies are so smart does that men our govts are stupid or is it that they are taking good share of every thing ?


Siasat.pk - Blogger
Most young kids smoke - peer pressure. This isn't recent. Girls started smoking 13-15 years ago. Surprised ???
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