Why pakistan lost against West Indies?


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it was a bad toss to lose and then few dismissals can be considered as unlucky imam ,fakhar and sarfaraz were unlucky to get out the way they did but it was disappointing how we lost the way we did it was even shorter then a bloody t20 international the team looks as divided as the nation is over the looters and saviours of the county its unfortunate to see this forum is full of ppl who support those who looted their motherland but they still stand by them


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Simple answer: pressure & panic
pakistan were always going to have one really terrible game, everyone knew that. In one way it’s better they got it out of the way.

Saying that things can go two ways..they will mentally give up and get thrashed by at least 7 other teams, or they will mentally get stronger and fight and scrap thier ways to the semi. We’ve all seen it numerous times before...

Problem is, next game Is against a confident England. It’s all uphill at the moment


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Rubbish team even Afghanistan is much better than them as we saw in warm up matches fakhar,Imam are over rated,hafeez is rubbish,I use to believe that Harris Sohail is a good player but lately he is showing technical inability against short balling only decent batsman is babar Azam. Not a single bowler is world class and lastly the captain is a liability a very mediocre batsman doesn't deserve a place in the side let alone captaincy.


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my dear country fellow calm down tthese are the best available players we have in the bank with two three players Imad,hafeez and imam don't deserve be the part of team, we just need to kick out micki author and his whole team `as soon as possible he don't know how to trained the players.

Bubber Shair

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Lagta hey Niazioon kay khoob pharkaya hey teri baji aur walida ko kissi time, issi wajah say tou bhool nahi paa raha gandowaah.
اس کی باجی اور والدہ کو بیچ میں لا رہے ہو تم کو کیا کسی کھسرے نے جنم دیا تھا؟
پوٹینز بے غیرت ہیجڑے جب جواب نہ دے پائیں تو بھاگ کر ماں کو بیچ میں لے آتے ہیں


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ملک میں ہر طرف منووسی ہی منووسی پھیلی ہوئی ہے ہر طرف سے جوتیاں پر رہی ہیں

آج کرکٹ میں بھی منووسی ہی منووسی نظر آئ --- یاد کرو کون سی کرماں آلی حکومت تھی جب ہم نے ورلڈ کپ جیتا تھا اور چمپین ٹرافی جیتی تھی


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What govt has to do with wining world cup lol our team is trash and they're losing we need to accept that players are the ones who play to win or lose not govts


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او یار راجا جی اج تساں دل توڑ چھڈیا
بالکل ایک تھرڈ کلاس تھڑا مارکہ پٹواری والی بات کی ہے

میچ جیتنے ہارنے سے حکومت کا کیا تعلق ہے؟
Be Patwari for all the wrong reasons if you want, but raise your level Raja sahib or at least maintain the one you already have.


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Mera tu khayal tha ke Ala Hazrat Pir MNS Sarkar MuddaZilla Alaih zindaan me beth ker is team ki kamyabi ki dua ker rahe ho ge.

Lekin lagta he un ke kale kartooto ki wajha se un ki koi dua qabool nahi ho rahi. Na NTO mil raha he aur na hi team ko kamyabi.

Reh gai baat kamyabi aur nakami. Woh sirf Allah SWT ki taraf se he. Insaan sirf koshish, mehnat aur thiek niyat kerta he.