"Why Azadi March" is "Essential"!


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[PTI Social Media Azadi March Campaign]

This Video Explains "Why Azadi March" is "Essential". We have traced back the chronological events of massive rigging along with the key steps PTI has taken over the last 14 months, starting from the Imran Khan's Speech from Bed in SKMH till the latest Press Conference where we gave proof massive rigging in ALL the 13 Constituencies that have been opened till yet.

Video credits: M Kashif Ihsan

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Pakistani Corrupt Parties ke pass do hi choices hain.Ya Nawaz ko hata kar
is system ko bacha lein ya phir Army ke take over ka intzar karay jis ke
bad kam z kam 10 sal ke lia Pakistan mien Democracy nahi aya gi. Bohat
sakht ehtsab ho ga.Army ne Pakistan ko high risk par rakh kr itney din
chance diya ha PPP.PMLN.MQM.ANP,JUI,JI ke leadero ko.Mazay
ki bat ye ha ke ehtsab howa tu 70% majodah MNAs.MPAs sari
zindagi apnay bacho.relatives ke sath jailo mien saray gein.
So decisive moment for Corrupt leaders.....


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Where did you get this script...I think from Noora website or facebook page to just to satisfy their khootay karkun. Who is the master mind behind model town incident..things started from there and now nooraa are totally trapped, so bare with us and be happy with lolipop of ohh its all scrippted.
A duffer leader can only be follow by duffer karkun.

Salman Mughal

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Pasha London Plan (May 2014) plan met great success and mob of U Turn Khan (5000 people for night Music Gala only) and Gullu Qadri (18000 20000 people) reached Parliament House as per script. Final script is held with Establishment, thought agreed and with their support they reached to final stage of Pasha script.

Pasha ke Puttaarrr tu yeh Video dekh and Qeemay walay Naaan Khaaa ...



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Imran proven mental rich and zakat khor cant bring inqlab ..who give pat and pti 3 to 4 arab for this long march