WHO expresses a degree of helplessness in Liberia , explosive ebola disease defies calculations


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Ebola virus is getting out control and if WHO and MSF statements are taken into consideration , the WHO is at least silently expressing helplessness. The infectiousness of current outbreak has been underestimated it seems , health workers are dying more and more .

The most worrying aspect is that despite ebola epidemic is now gathering pace for months and before that MERS outbreak in saudia the real alliance of scientific community and funder community along with volunteer organizations and health industry wizards and engineers is not occuring .

If some one could solve three issues , 1. Designing of safe comfortable dresses of space suit type for health workers to give biological protection 2. design of container type Mini hospitals with specially designed gadgets within 3. Temporary destroyable able hut type homes for keeping suspects of case from community at large ,then may be along with new drugs we may be able to curtail epidemic in a few months otherwise short of spontaneous change in virus there is a pandemic at hand ,able to spread slowly worldwide ,so airlines have shut flights to Ebola countries.

A new organization is needed.

I was never impressed with WHO and capability of medicin sans frontiers I do not know , a much larger and resourceful thrust is needed if Ebola is not to fry parts of the world .

Asad Khan

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As long as it remains a relatively third world problem don't expect the big Pharma or even the UN & WHO doing much to take the issue head on. They will at best try to contain the situation in the hope that it will peter out with time at the expense of the whatever number of the victims dying as a result. It was the same with AIDS, once it started to show up in the first world did the giant pharmaceuticals companies started to invest in R&D with the hope that now they would have a market to reap returns. Ethics won't ever catch up on Ebola as long as it won't be economically feasible to invest in a probable cure and unfortunately the third world doesn't seem that of an attractive market for now. So just let's hope and pray.