What Nawaz Sharif did to me is coming back to him: Dr. Asim


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Wrong. Dr. Asim was kept in a cell for long 72 days as a captive during investigation by JIT. This *s*o*b* noora has never gone through such an ordeal.


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DR asim you have no shame dot blame nobody but 1100% urself supporting crimnals and next be prepared to answer allahtallah. baeghaerutt doctor after all that rhetoric after getting caught with solid evidence baeghaerutt shoud habve gone for umra do tons of tauba feed poor and do somehing of poor thar o like build a water well something holy and help pakistan. Baewaqoooooooooofff gudhaa haramkhore hang him.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
That is our problem as a nation, that a criminal is criticizing on another criminal and presenting himself as a victim, many in Sindh have already bought his stories, and every member of PPP is is involved in crime against Pakistan by supporting and backing him as a man well deserving every respect and confidence. I fail to understand the Justice system as well, which shows its character as a roller coaster, where it is always hard to breath in peace. Some one is declared criminal and not allowed to contest and at the same time another criminal is allowed to receive protocols and deliver speeches???
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