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Re: We oppose Zaid Zaman Hamid

I am thankful to ZZH for educating me on the subjects like:

economic hitmans
kuroon e Auliya
Reko-dik project
Corruptions of political parties
the way IMF works
model of Khilafat (to select best of best as leader) (please note it has nuffin to do mullaism)
banking system
how money is generated in thin air
media's prejudices and source of misinformation
Iqbal's teaching
any many more...

since no one is perfect, i was expecting him to bring solid evidence on the programme in shahid-nama.. against SAAFMA .. though i will always give him benefit of doubt.. as he is one man vs. all corrupt jourlanist of SAAFMA.. i think he wasnt given much time to prepare.. :s

you are spot on....his programmes are such a nice informative and educational source for all of us
i will support Zaid Hamid sb on every axes, in my opinion he is a real patriot and Aashiq e Rasool (SAW)

aur wesay bhi ye jamat u dawa jesi jamatain tu Iqbal aur M.A Jinnah sb ko bhi kafir e azam kehti theen...in ki koi crdeibility nhe hai

jazakAllah khair


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All mullahs are a cancer for Pakistan...they must be eliminated if Pakistan has to see any enlightenment.


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zion hamid fills hate in the minds of youngs.he should encourage his wards to tie a bomb with him and do fight.dont pollute the minds of youngsters.
and he was grilled by marvi sirmed in very good way.
laal topi wala bandar[hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar]
Can u understand text written in urdue??...if not wt u commenting about.. wherever U see Zaid Hamid name on any post u start commenting against him....In India its is known fact that whenever small kid doesn`t sleep mother says to him oh my child go sleep otherwise I`ll put zaid hamid show on TV....


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lashkr taiba or jamadu dawa jhotay or farudeyh hain..

yeh mujahideen ki mukhbari kartay hain .... isi k agent hain inho nay jihad ko mujahideen ko badnam kia hai

TTP k naam say bani hoee tamam websites ghairmuqalido ki hain

jihad or mujahid duno inki waja say badnam hoay hain Magar Allah swt nay phir bhi mujahideen ki madad or nusrat ki Alhamdolillah...

india ka pakistan say hafiz saeed ko mangna drama hai


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Not to defend any one particular 'mullah'. But ZH himself used to be all praises about Mufti Naeem, Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri, Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Ashrafi, etc and used to refer to them as ulema-e-haq. But as soon as they said that they do not support ZH and think that his beliefs are very shady, all of ZH's blind followers started labelling them as FASADIS, TAKFIRIS, AGENTS, etc.

Bohut aala (clap)


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may allah put those who love zaid zaman in akhira in same place as zaid zaman...amen

(i guess its a fair dua...so all say amen)
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