Views on News again! Dr Shahid Masood likely to rejoin ARY Group


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Karachi: Shahidnama is likely to no more on Express TV channel, as Dr Shahid Masood, a renowned anchorperson and a columnist, has been in talks with the management of ARY Group to join the channel on high profile position.

During his career in electronic media, Dr Shahid, has seen a rise and fall of his popularity graph Views on News, Dr Shahid has started off his career with ARY News and become once a most favorite anchorperson of his time when none of the anchorpersons can compete him in the current affairs programs.

He had been the king of the electronic media with his thoughtful discussions, insight analyses and bold comments on former president Pervaz Musharraf government, Pakistan and US relationship, regional and geopolitics.He also produced a famous religious program Hidden TruthThe End of Time on ARY Digital entailing his research works, interviews of religious scholars and their prediction about the Armgeddon.

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Dr. Shahid Masood is no doubt great anchor. His program becomes number one in days after he appears from anywhere. But why does he leave after few months? He need to stick to one channel or group.