This is what you call Humanity! - Old people line up to clean radiation in Japan


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Just Amazing....Their women won the world cup and worked hard for it....They never thought about what has happened to their country recently and just gave the whole nation a great gift just to cheer them up....This is how a nation is built and strengthened.

Salute to these volunteers.


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Re: This is what you call Humanity!

On the other hand look at our old politicians.

Taangein kabar mein latak rahi hein laikin koi khauf e khuda nahi, Beghertoon mein

shakwa-e-zulmat-e-shub sa khain bahtar tha
apna hasa ka charag gala e jata.


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What a great bunch of people they are. Nothing but admiration for the people of Japan

Exactly. They are sacrificing their life for their country, what is wrong with that? At least they are not like our elders who are living at the cost of young blood.


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I offer Japan some politicians: Zardari, Gillani, Rehman Malik and Baber Awan immediately for this noble cause. Rest politicians will follow. ;-)
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