There are security concerns in KPK but the CM is not present in the province :- Chaudhry Nisar


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اس سے پہلے بلوچستان کی ایک سینیٹر نے تقریر کی تھی۔ اس کی وڈیو اپ لوڈ ہو سکتی ہے؟


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Because waha police apna kam ker rehi hai isliye. or Punjab main Gullu but kam ker rehy hian isliye yaha action zeyda nazar ata hai


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So, 'Punjab Police is not needed in Punjab', they are needed in Islamabad'???

so, Governor 'Server' is needed in England, he's not needed in Punjab???

so, all the parliamentarians are needed in 'Noora Ijlas', they are not needed in their 'constituencies'???


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پولیس پنجاب میں لوگوں کو مار رہی ہے جس کی ایف ای آر بھی نہیں کاٹی جاتی اور الزام پختونخوا پر


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Mr. Bean satya gaya hai. Insan ko bukhar zyada ho to asar baton se nazar aate hain.


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"Koi chooz cheez" Hahaha. Jaahil qom parliament mein baithi hai. What is CM supposed to do. Pick up weapons and wait for some sort of terrorist attack and neutralize it? Ch. Nisar iss kam ke liye police hoti hai and they are doing their job unlike your punjab CM's gullu police who kill innocent ppl on his orders.


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At least FIR's are lodged(Even online from Home) in KPK and not rejected like in rest of Pakistan.

So it is safe to say that If institutions are working properly then CM's will become symbolic, which will be good.:)